Our Process

Prior to accepting a new client, we request that prospective clients submit information regarding assets, liabilities, expected sources of income and future expenditures.  The Adviser then uses a program called BetaVest Technologies - ClearPath or alternative software to assist in the analysis of investment goals on the basis of the financial information submitted.  We also request that prospective clients complete a client suitability questionnaire.  The investment goal analysis and the questionnaire facilitate a discussion regarding the client’s investment objectives, risk tolerance, and tax considerations to recommend an appropriate asset allocation.

Based upon the investment goal analysis, questionnaire, and discussions with clients, the Adviser will make a recommendation regarding asset allocation to six investment categories: 1) US equities, 2) foreign equities, 3) real estate, 4) US fixed income, 5) foreign fixed income, and 6) precious metals.  The recommended asset allocation may be modified based upon the preferences of the client.  Clients may provide additional restrictions in the investment guidelines if they would like to avoid certain types of securities.  Clients may direct that a particular security be held for tax or other reasons.  Such securities are considered to be nondiscretionary holdings and the Adviser will not sell them without the authorization of the client.  Written investment guidelines will then be provided for client approval. 

When written investment guidelines are approved by the client, implementation will begin.  We will select appropriate funds and individual securities to meet the objectives of the investment guidelines.  Security holdings will be reviewed and monitored as necessary.  Investment guidelines will be reviewed with clients periodically for any changes in investment objectives, risk tolerance, tax considerations, or significant changes in relative valuations among the various asset categories.

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